Bringing us back to nature .

Being close to nature is good for us.

We all feel it - when we sit silently beneath the massive canopy of a pristine ancient forest, when we stand at the top of a coastal cliff and breathe deeply the air of a vast wild exposed coastline, or when we summit an apline mountain and gaze out over an expanse of river valleys.

While these moments of grandeur are when we feel it strongest, the goodness that comes from nature isn't exclusively found here. It is a cumulative experience brought on by the combination of exposures to natural elements - earth, water, air, and most importantly, life.

These elements are difficult to control, which is almost certainly why they have been largely eliminated from our efficiency driven lives. We've been taught to see exposed earth as potential mud, or somewhere that weeds will grow. Naturally flowing waterways as flooding hazards. The variables of ourdoor air throughout the seasons, a discomfort. Other living organisms, a threat. It's a mentality that, when coupled with technology, has resulted in us going too far - and now the distance between us and nature has grown so wide that it's beginning to hurt both us and the environments around us.

Rather than blindly isolating us from nature, and the benefits that come with it, we can live beneficially and comfortably with nature. Through careful design and an intimate understanding of these natural systems, the natural world can once again become a part of our every day lives.

With passion and experience in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, SustainabilityEcologies, Biophilia, Furniture and Art, I have found myself in a position from which I can create these spaces. Spaces which allow us to enjoy the benefits of a life in genuine harmony with nature.